Medicare and other private insurances do not cover the monthly membership fee. It is necessary, therefore to maintain insurance to cover the cost of some labs, radiology studies, specialty care and hospitalizations.

However, by increasing your deductible you may save money on your monthly insurance premiums, provided that you do not have a hospitalization or catastrophic event.

Some insurance groups do reimburse for gym membership and may reimburse a portion of your fee. To be sure, check with your insurance provider.

Preventing disease is an important part of any wellness plan.  Our providers will discuss health lifestyle changes that may reduce your risk of certain diseases.  Screening tests to detect disease at very initial stages are another aspect of any wellness plan.  Your provider will know the best test appropriate for you.  We also perform annual, sports, and school physicals.

We will direct you to the best specialist in our area.  We can also assist you with out-of-town referrals if necessary.  Our office will schedule your initial appointment with any specialist you may need to see.

No members will be excluded because of having a pre-existing condition.

Yes, we have over 140 generic medicines that would cost you only $4.00 each.

We provide injections at a greatly discounted rate.

Some are provided at no cost to you and others are provided at minimal cost. If you want to get labs done at the clinic we will be happy to do them for you.  However, if you wish to turn your lab charges into insurance, we will be happy to write an order for you and you can have them done where your insurance company mandates. See pricing here.

We will be happy to set up an appointment and also do a pre-certification if your insurance requires it.  Radiology is done outside our office.

You can still be treated by Telehealth if you are a member of 180 Healthcare.

By using telehealth all members will receive fast, convenient care for minor medical problems, such as the flu, colds, allergies, tonsillitis, sinusitis, insect bites and many other health conditions. (Of course, some illnesses will need a face to face visit in the clinic).   Each telehealth physician is properly licensed in your state, board-certified and verified by the National Physical Data Base and the American Medical Association.

Our members get more out of their healthcare.

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